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Can you see the resemblance?

In a common artist's studio, lives Daphne, the drawing doll.

She does not live there all alone. The artist created Daphne, and many more puppets and dolls, known as 'characters' 

Among all of them, Charly is Daphne's best friend. He is an artist, just like Daphne.

Daphne and Charly often draw together and work on drawing-assignments.

Daphne also likes to paint and Charly likes digital art.

Drawing makes Daphne happy. She has the ambition to teach everyone she can reach how to draw. Because according to Daphne everybody should be happy.

Charly is mostly busy developing his digital drawing-skills. The two of them often work together. Just because it is more fun than working on your own.

Charly worries very much about the world and nature. He and Daphne are often amazed about the way humans treat the world. Sometimes Charly even loses sleep over it.

On this page you will soon find new images and cartoons about Daphne and Charly.


The studio Daphne and Charly live in.