Level 2: Light, Shadow, Color

Have you been drawing or painting for a while?

Then the information on this page will suit you.

At this level, the emphasis is on light, shadow and coloring.


Level 2 also includes details such as eyes, hair, fur, etc.

The information on the website will be regularly supplemented and changed.

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Try and draw a cat's eye like I did in the sheet below.


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How to draw a cat's eye?

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Lights & Shadows

To create a realistic drawing or painting, you have to make good use of lights and shadows.

As an artist you can just copy what you see in front of you or decide yourself where the light comes from.

You can also use a photo as an example, but sometimes you will have to decide to display the light and / or the shadow differently. Because what you see in a photo does not always appear credible in a drawing or in a painting. It is important that you understand the behavior of lights and shadows to add the lights and shadows in your drawing or painting correctly.

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Light and shadow
Daphne Draw