Use of color and composition

First tip about use of color and composition

Not only with light and shadow, but also with color you can create more depth in your work.

Cold colors always seem far away and warm colors seem close. So it is smart to fill in the background of your work with cold colors. The elements you want to bring to the front, should be provided with warm colors.

Cold colors are for example blue and purple. Gray is also a good shade for the background.

Warm colors are red, orange and yellow.

Sometimes you don't use these colors at all in your drawing or painting. But you could mix a little bit of blue in your background color (which is pink for example). And in the subject in the foreground that is purple for example, you can then mix some extra red so that it comes out slightly.


Cold Colors

Warm Colors

Green is in the middle of cold and warm colors.

You can make your green more warm, by adding warm colors and make it more cold by adding cold colors.

Use  colors