Tight Lines and Loose Lines

You can draw tight lines (see panda on the right), which are always closed or loose lines (see landscape). Loose lines do not always have to connect neatly. They look a bit messier. But a 'loose sketch' can be just as beautiful as a 'tight sketch'.

First try to draw tight, clean lines, so you have good control over the shapes you draw.

Then try to do it a little faster and a bit looser. Try and find out what suits you best.

Use ruler and templates

Can you use a ruler and or templates (for example, circles and ovals)? Of course you can. You should be drawing in your own way.

Daphne prefers not to use them. As a result, her drawings are less static and have more 'feel' than when you use rulers. 

Drawing with a pen

If you already have a bit more experience, try drawing directly with a pen instead of a pencil. Just leave any mistakes and try to turn the mistakes into happy accidents. 

Your own handwriting

By drawing a lot - only with a pen - you develop your own 'drawing handwriting'.

You learn to 'let go' more effectively and to let go of perfectionism. Moreover, it saves time and you will notice that your focus improves.


Tight Lines

How to draw thight lines? How to draw a Panda?

Loose Lines

How to draw loose lines, how to draw a landscape
Daphne sitting and drawing